How to use v929 Motor with Blade mQX

Many of you know that the Blade mQX motors are pricey at $15 a pop. For the same price, you can buy four v929 and v949 motor and solder to use with the mQX. It’s a direct fit because the use the same pinion.

Here’s the direct link for two clockwise v929 motors for $7.50.

Here’s two counter-clockwise v929 motors for the same price.

However, for those of you who don’t want to solder, you can easily do the following…

Take the old plug off the bad mQX motor. Remove the shrink wrap. And use that plug as an adapter to connect the new v929 motor to your mQX female connector that runs back to the flight controller board.

Hope that makes sense. Even if you don’t have a bad motor right now. Just order it from Banggood now. So when you do need it, you don’t have to wait the month for it to arrive from overseas.







4 responses to “How to use v929 Motor with Blade mQX”

  1. bizzy Avatar

    i dont have the connectors. can i just cut of the motor plugs and put the wires directly in? will they reach? the wires look short in the banggood pictures. there are “A” and “B” motors, what does that mean? i got a mqx board and would like to buy all v929 parts.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Hi Bizzy,
      Yes, you can just solder things up if you don’t have the long wires the run the length of the boom. This mod was for those mQX owners who wanted to buy and use the v929 motors but are afraid of fine soldering. So I showcase that they can reuse their plug as an adapter.

      For those who can do the soldering, simply connect that way. Most secure.

      A & B refers to clockwise and counter clockwise rotating motors. The red/blue wire motor are the clockwise. Black/White wire denotes the counter clockwise turning motors.

      1. bizzy Avatar

        thanks for the info. in the booms of the v929 there are wires that connect to the motor wires. can you buy those wires separately, or do they come with the boom?

        great site btw, im gonna try a fp100 canopy on my nano. it looks just like the v911 one.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hello, really a great site here! How are the plugs of the v929 motor called? What is the exact technical description name for them? Thanks.

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