Hobby King’s New Turnigy 9xr Transmitter

Many of us in the hobby know that Hobby King has a new transmitter they designed inhouse that is due to be released any day now. Looks like we finally got some high res photos of the upcoming Turnigy 9Xr transmitter.

What’s exciting about this new transmitter is that it will utilize open source firmware, or be flash with one. Hinting at er9x compatibility down the line. Has the programmer plug built in and available inside the battery compartment. Has DSM2/DSMx compatibilities. And, to top it all off… they are aiming it at a $50 price point. The people’s radio they bill it as.

Supposedly the POTs are better too. Not sure what that translates to. All based on rumors for the past year. We’ll see once they start shipping and reviews fills up the forums.

Anyways, a post without photos are boring.

This beautifully lit and captured photo makes the radio look very professional indeed.

Here’s a closer look at the center area.

And here’s a look at the rear connectivity and glimpse of the module bay. Hobby King is working with FrSky to release a compatible module that makes use of the popular FrSky protocol.

Here’s the render of the rear module and the connectivity necessary so you can use the built in antenna. Much better thought out than the coaxial cable on the Turnigy 9x.





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  2. JAIME Avatar

    Can I get this module ? where ?

    1. JAIME Avatar


    2. hacksmod Avatar

      Not yet. We’re all disappointed that HobbyKing has not yet made a module that takes advantage of the internal antenna available. :(

  3. Cesar Avatar


    I know this is already an old post but… does someone has a mechanical drawing for the case? I would like to have one 3d printed. I may also do a PCB with a direct connect to avoid the cable.


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Unfortunately, not that I know of.

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