Syma X1 Flight Controller

Just received my Syma X1 flight controller. Ordered from Banggood on November 26th and it just got here. If you need things right away, either pay for express shipping or find an alternative source. But Banggood’s price is usually pretty good on stuff you don’t need right away.

Syma X1 board on the left and the WLToys v929 board on the right.

Weight between the two board…






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  1. SteveG Avatar

    What is the purpose of this post.
    All it says is that you received a new board and it’s for a different quad.
    You took the time to demonstrate that it weighs more.
    Great you have a heavier board?
    Is there a purpose for this different board?
    Is this some kind of mod?
    PLEASE tell us what it is and why!!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Hi SteveG,

      This blog is my journal and I document things on it. The relevance of this post is actually for myself and the guys on the forum who mod ther quads with flight controllers from other quads. So they want to know things such as weight.

      Also, the image is for people who may have inadvetently damage/broke of a component on their board and need to see the original.

      But the post is whatever the reader want to take away from it. It’s online and free.

      Also, keep in mind…at the time of the post, the X1 was new and not readily available. So there was a lot of interest. But in the end, we find that the programming of the flight characteristics is more docile than many of us hobbyist would like.

      To automatically give more performance to a motor, lightening the quad is one of the best way to do it. That’s the reason we moved on to putting a small, lightweight FC such as from the FC from the Blade Nano QX on our X1 sized quads. Just search for Franken NQX or FNQX and you’ll find the relevant thread.

      Hope that helps explain things.

  2. SteveG Avatar

    It does help very much, Thanks!
    At first I was a bit frustrated because I could not figure out why you’d put a heavier board from a Syma into a
    WLToys model.. Now I see that this page may not be specifically about a V929.
    I reached it from another V929 page figuring it also was about hacking and modding a V929.

    The V929 stock board is frustrating because of it’s firmware that slows responses greatly as
    Compared to a Blade mQx.
    it also has an auto-leveling characteristic which is terribly annoying.
    Both fight you from doing any fast manual maneuvers or flying outdoors in the wind.
    I was curious if an alternate board would give more manual control and performance
    and came across this page with no information about the flight characteristics.

  3. Sargam Avatar

    Can anyone tell me which platfrom does syma use to program pcb’s of their quadcopter

  4. choki Avatar

    so it basically we can replace stock board v929 with syma x1 board?
    because I need that.. want to fly with my old v929 with board get burned

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