Walkera Devo 7e Transmitter DeviationX FlySky/Hubsan Mod

Yes! Just received my Walkera Devo 7e from BangGood. I was surprise to see it arrive in only 14 days all the way from China. I have been wanting to try DeviationX out for a long time. With the release of DeviationX 3.0 and support for WLtoys v929, v949 and v959 triggerable accessories, not to mention the Hubsan X4 support and SkyArtec support, the Devo 7e had to be a part of my collection.

The size of the Devo 7e makes it very portable. And it feels very solid in the hand. The areas where your palm and finger grip are greeted with rubber. So it’s nice. The sticks are made of aluminum instead of plastic like I thought it would be. And inside, I see ball bearings on the gimbal. A nice surprise.

Anyways, one of the first thing I did was look up tutorial on how to add the FlySky A7105 module to the Devo 7e. This will allow you to use the Devo7e to bind to FlySky protocol and Hubsan protocol. Thrilled to be able to fly my WLToys v911, v929, v949, Xieda 9958 and Hubsan X4. After the successfully mod, I put together the following images to help anybody looking to do the same. Make sure to read through the official Deviation document on how to install the module. Or you can just flex a little brain power and the color dots guide below to complete the mod.

After the hardware has been installed, make sure to open up the hardware.ini with an editor like Notepad++ (Don’t use the built into Windows Notepad. It changes the formatting and the .ini file will no longer be readable by the Devo transmitter.)


Note: there are no semi colon ; preceeding the lines? The semi colon will tell the TX not to read that line, disabling the command. So make sure you remove the semicolon to “enable” the newly installed module. 

The first line enables the module if pin 1.SCS was soldered to the TMS position. If you already have an addon module installed to the TMS position, and have the A7105 module soldered to the TCK point. Then enable-a7105=A14 is what you would enter into the hardware.ini.

The second line has_pa-a7105=1 enables the power amp (PA) support if your A7105 has the PA circuit. Otherwise, leave it as has_pa-a7105=0.





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  1. Sam Avatar

    I know this is a silly question, but how do you edit the tx.ini file do you plug your system into your PC? there has to be a tool you use to edit this. no?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You put the TX into USB mode and the computer see it as a attached drive.

      A quick way to enable USB mode is to hold down the ENT button as you turn on the transmitter. You will see a USB logo on the LCD screen of the TX to denote you are in USB mode.

      The computer should see the drive.

      It sounds like you did not read the manual on how to install the Deviation firmware. It’s all explained in it. I suggest you do so as it explains the additional steps, such as copying over the filesystem.

      Good luck.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      BTW, you edit the Tx.ini with a text editor like Notepad++, which respect the formatting and end of line used in that text file.

      Free download. Awesome text editor.

    3. hacksmod Avatar

      You plug the usb cable into the PC. To allow the computer to recognize the Devo transmitter as a drive you can access, you simply put the transmitter in USB mode.

      On my Devo 7e, I hold down the ENT button as you turn on the radio. There will be a USB symbol on the display when you are successful.

      The computer will see the transmitter as a drive letter that you can open. Hope that helps. Ping us if you need more info. Here’s a good thread with a quick brain dump to get newbies up to speed with what’s possible with the Devo radios.
      Daryoon’s Devo 7e: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1918045

      Lots of helpful people on that discussion thread to give you a hand and respond. I am on there all the time.

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  3. erik Avatar

    Is the pin out for a syma x1 tx module the same as v911? I love your graphic illustration of connections. It is so much clearer than chart on deviation site.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I forget if they are. They are both A7105 modules. I have a picture somewhere I’ll have to refer back to. But I want to say they are similar enough that you should be able to figure out the solder points?

      1. erik Avatar

        I found a pic on the deviation site of the syma module. I think it was one of yours actually! It was showing an antenna mode but had pinouts labeled. The labels were a lil different than labels on v911. The syma’s were enable, clk, mosi, miso, vdd, gnd. The v911 are SCS, sck, sdio, gpio, gnd, 3.3v. I assume SCS=enable sck=clk gnd and vdd are obvious but the mosi and miso are not. I hate to be guessing so if someone could clarify I would be much obliged.

  4. Jon Avatar

    I bought a A7105 module from Banggood. The pin labels are a little different. TXEN, RXEN, GI02, GI01, SDI0, SCK, GND, SCS, & VCC. My question is where do I solder the 3.3v wire to? http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i195/jlk69/20140523_210747_zps8ed0844b.jpg

  5. Horst Avatar

    After mounting the module in my Devo 7E, the battery drain becomes high. Is this normal, that the batteries of the Sender lasts only approx 2 hours?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      They were just talking about this very topic on RCG. If you want more detail without doing the measurements yourself, I suggest this would be a good start:

      The pages that follow that post has more data by ruzam and others as they try to figure out the power draw.

      Here’s the DeviationTX thread that ruzam started for more info:

      1. Horst Avatar

        and what is your exprience with the A7105 module, does it in your 7E also drain the battery in a short time. Have you any idea, what to do?

  6. Mumi Avatar

    Thx for this… made the mod so much easier than the official guide.
    Now i’m flying Hubsan x4 (old and new versions), v911, wltoys v911, wltoys 949, wltoys 939, wltoys 929, Vitality H36, Walkera super cp and soon Walkera master cp.

    I do own a turnigy 9x, but the concept of one controller to rule them all suits me :0)

    I tried to do the range mod also, but gave up… way to much solder on the shield!

    1. Terry Avatar

      How do you like the Devo compared to the stock Hubsan radio? How do you set up dual rates like the stock radio?

      1. hacksmod Avatar

        This expression is used often..but it’s true here. It’s nights and day different. I don’t like how the X4 flies at all. Many other quads flies better. However, the X4 with a proper Devo transmitter is such a great little flyer.

      2. hacksmod Avatar

        It’s easy to set up dual rates. Best to ask that question when you’re ready to do it. I am sure the hubsan model.ini you can download would have different rates set up to the switch.

  7. Mumi Avatar

    OK… celebrated to fast..
    I used the A7105 module from Xieda 9998 controller.
    It did not have the pa (power amplifier).
    When i tested at home, i could bind and fly just fine.
    When i test outside, i only got 10-12 meters of range… very very sad for my quadcopters :0|

    I ordered this module which should give 500+ meters of range:

  8. HaCo Avatar

    I used your hack to modify my own (brand new) Devo 7E and it worked perfectly well, thanks for this!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Sweet. Good job. :)

    2. Terry Avatar

      How did you set up dual rates for the Hubsan?

  9. Terry Avatar

    Thanks for your MOD… I have 2 questions… how do you know if I have a PA circuit on my A7105 or not? Also, How do you program the Devo 7E for the 2 flight modes for the Hubsan? I’m a NOB, sorry! Thanks for the help.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, many of us put shrinktubing and use doublesided tape to secure. You can see an example in this post:

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      I mentioned it in this post. If you look at the photo above. I show two modules. One from the WLToys v911 TX and one from the 9958.

      The two module has the main A7105 chip towards the bottom. That’s the main chip. But on the v911 module, there’s another chip above. That’s the additional power amp circuit. This module puts out more range due to that.

  10. Terry Avatar

    Just curious, the stick controls of the Devo 7E are much better than the stock Hubsan transmitter right? I binded my nano qx with my DX6i and it’s a world different from stock. So much better control. Is there a difference between Walkeria and Neewer Devo 7e? I see both for sale. Thanks for taking my questions.

      1. hacksmod Avatar

        Yes, that module will work. I am not sure if it has the power amp underneath for the longer range. It says 500m. Maybe long range enough for a X4. ;)

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, the stick controls of the Devo 7e will feel more like the DX6i versus the hubsan stock TX.

      The Devo 7e flies the Nano QX beautifully as well.

      I posted about that combo on RCG:

      1. Terry Avatar

        hymmm… does the Devo 7E bind to the Nano Qx without any mods to the radio? I didn’t know that the DEVO radio has the same frequencies with spekrum?

  11. Terry Avatar

    Thanks for ALL the replies!!! The link you posted earlier had this Mod


    He has a jumper wire from TXEN and VCC. Is that necessary? Is it also necessary to have a PA? Probably not for the tiny X4… it’s so small that if it goes any further than 400-500 feet, I’ll lose sight of it. lol.


  12. zentrad Avatar


    I have just installed the nRF24L01 module in my Devo 7e. The binding worked well…but the controls are really strange. The quad behaves totally erratically.

    Would it be possible that I made a wrong solder ? Or are there adjustments to be done with the radio ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Did you calibrate the sticks? Many ppl forget that step after they installed Deviation.

      What are you flying with the NRF24L01 module? If it binds, I think you did a proper solder job. It must be the model set up.

    2. FST Avatar

      “The quad behaves totally erratically” I had the same problem. It binded, but the controls had pitch and roll reversed, and roll itself was backwards. For me, the problem was that under “Mixer”, “1-ELE” had “AIL” right under it, and “2-AIL” had “ELE” right under it.

      I went into “1-ELE” and selected “ELE” for the Input, and then for “2-AIL” , selected “AIL” for the input. Wala! Problem solved! Now it is totally awesome, I can control my H107D for as far as the eye can see (also did the range mod, was worried I destroyed it).

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, that’s the A7105 module many ppl use.

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