WLtoys v922 Photoshoot

I took the v922 out for a hike and photoshoot the other day. Of course, the morning I have time to have this little adventure and bonding time with the little heli, mother nature decided to drizzle and overcast the skies thwart my use of the typically beautiful morning sunlight. And the wind didn’t help me try and capture a flyby, manning both camera and TX. LOL

Anyways, was gonna throw these images away. However, grabbed some to demonstrate to Heli Pad how the Pelican or “Pelicanopy” as he dubs it actually grows on you. And how from certain angle, it isn’t as ugly as first thought.

I told him perhaps it’s because the v922 is now part of my growing family. Thus I have to look past it and see the inner beauty, just like a parent would (must) do so with their own loving child. Apt analogy? LOL

Like a cat ready to pounce.
Sitting pretty on a rock.
Front view. Not too bad looking from this angle.
Slow shutter speed here to capture the moving water in the background.






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