600mAh 1S Lipo Discharge Curve

Just sharing a discharge curve I just grabbed while cycling the new Hyperion 550mAh and Glacier 600mAh cells. Interesting result.

I’ll discharge at 2A to 3.7v at a later time to see how well the cells really stack up.

Preliminary results.





2 responses to “600mAh 1S Lipo Discharge Curve”

  1. chulian Avatar

    do you recommend the glacier? heard low c rate and low life, what do you think? your lipo of choice?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I do. So far, the Glacier 160 is great. I haven’t seen it dying prematurely. My first ones are still holding strong. The Hyperion 160 were the ones with low life for me. I discharge to storage and haven’t used it for a month. Came back to it and it’s bad. :(

      So far, I like the Glacier 160 and the 600mah. The Glacier 250 for mCPX is ok. Not as good as the 160 and 600 IMHO.

      It’s worth a try. They are cheap.

      As for the C rating. It performs fine. I question some of the manufacturer’s C rating claims sometimes. :)

      Check out this HeliFreak thread with other people’s opinion of the Glacier 160: http://helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=522237

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