Blade Nano CP X “Logo XXtreme” Paper Canopy

Helifreak user Ian99 made available a beautifully rendition of the Mikado Logo XXtreme. His interpretation into a paper model looks great. I wanted a different color scheme and wanted to be able to use my Silhouette SD machine to cut it out for me…so I vectorized it.

Here’s the first draft of the red/white version.

[button_download url= bottom_text=”Download Nano XXTREME red/white canopy”]Download PDF file[/button_download]

[button_download url= bottom_text=”Download Nano XXTREME red/white canopy”]Download AI Vector file[/button_download]

Ian99 also details his tips on how to put together a good looking paper canopy. Have a look here:

I have some of my own thoughts here:

Using Staples brochure paper, the prints are respectable and the weight savings is noticeable over the photo paper version. Finish canopy comes in at 1.55g. About the weight of the stock Nano CPX canopy. :)



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9 responses to “Blade Nano CP X “Logo XXtreme” Paper Canopy”

  1. FyreSG Avatar

    Wow, it looks STUNNING! Would it fit the FBL80? Do you have one that fits the MCPX / V922 / FBL100?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Thank You. You’re among the first to show interest. I had planned on making a v922/mCPX size. I can look into sizing and fitting onto a FBL80.

      Also alternate color schemes are planned whenever I get around to it.

      1. FyreSG Avatar

        Could you please make one that does not have any labels? It’s a little awkward for my HiSKY heli to put on a “Blade” canopy. :)

        Please please please make one for the V922! Thanks!

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          I removed the “Blade” logo.

          Yes, I need to make one for the v922. It looks so nice, I need to replace the beaten up one currently on there. I want it just as badly as you. Can’t you scale the PDF file up when printing I wonder.

          1. FyreSG Avatar

            You removed the “Blade” logo, but the label “Nano XXtreme” still looks odd to me. :)

            I could scale it up for my V922. The hard part is getting the scale percentage correct. 110%? 123.2%? 137.921%? Hmmm, trial and error I suppose?

          2. hacksmod Avatar

            Sorry, I misread your previous message as removing the “Blade” logo only. The logos are to pay hommage to the Mikado Logos XXtreme they paper version was modeled after. Here’s your requested version without any logo.


            Getting the percentage correctly will have to be done by somebody eventually. And it’s a trial and error thing behind the scene as well. :)

  2. FyreSG Avatar

    Yes! Thanks!!!

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  4. mamaligadoc Avatar

    With respect !!!

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