nRF24L01 Devo7e Pinout

I am going to hack another module into the Devo7e running the DeviationX firmware. This nRF24L01 module will allows me to run WLToys new protocol, HiSky and a host of others. It has the PowerAmp circuit for longest range. See this protocols spreadsheet for more info.

Here’s the schematic:

And here is how I wire it up to the Devo7e.

Keep in mind, there are two locations you can connect the CSN (yellow) point to on the Devo7e. Either to TMS or TCK. If this will be the first addon module you install into your Devo7e, then connect to the TMS location. If there’s already a module installed, then you will use the second point: TCK.

Then put your Devo 7e into USB mode, connect to computer and open up the drive. Locate hardware.ini (tx.ini on older firmware). Enable the newly installed module so that the radio recognize that the module has been installed and remove the * from the protocol selection box. (Remove the semicolon that proceeds the line to enable it.)

If you installed to the TMS location, then A13 is what you need to type in.

enable-nrf24l01 = A13
has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1

If this is your second addon module and you installed it to the TCK location, then A14 is what you need to type in.

enable-nrf24l01 = A14
has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1

Check with the DeviationX manual for more info. Hope this helps.





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  1. Rod Avatar

    Hello I heard this board can be installed in a Devo-10 running deviation firmware also. Does anyone know the pin connection points for Devo-10? Thanks

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, you can. I see others on the DeviationTX forum doing it. The moduleinstallation.pdf has the pin out. The table is a little confusing to decipher at first. That why I did the more simplified, graphics version for the Devo7e and shared on HacksMods. Too bad I don’t have a Devo10.

      Here’s the link to the PDF document:

  2. Aaron Avatar

    It looks like you’re seeing that two wires to go to the same destination (VOD, or is that VDD?). Is that correct? Any way you could post a closeup of the origin and insertion locations with the wires already soldered so I can understand better? (I’m new to hardware :) )


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, you can solder the two module points to the same VDD pad. Or what I did was bridge pins 2 and 3 on the module. Then solder a single wire to the VDD pad on the Devo board.

      Hope that makes sense.

  3. Sam Avatar

    Can someone tell me if,
    the nRF24L01 and A7105 module is one in the same?


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Two different transceivers.

      I have a similar post for the A7105 pin out.

      Also, search for my Daryoon Devo7e thread on for more info.

      The A7105 transceiver is responsible for FlySky and Hubsan protocol.

      The NRF24L01 is responsible for HiSky, WLToys v2xx protocol, and Tactic TXR AnyLink protocol. Which Helimax uses.

      1. Dhany Avatar

        If i want to binding with h8 mini.
        Can i use NRF24L01?


        1. hacksmod Avatar

          I believe so. But nowadays, there are the multimodule that is better to use. Check deviationtx forum for more info. I haven’t been keeping up.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      Two totally different transceiver chips. I did a quick how to guide here that would get you up to speed:

      Daryoon’s Devo 7e:

  4. Sam Avatar

    Will this mod allow or use with accessories with WL V959?


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      The nRF24L01 is for the v222, v212.

      The WL v959 uses FlySky and requires the A7105 module instead. I also have a pin out guide for that one.

      And yes, if you take a peek in the Deviation manual. It will mention the use of the additional channels for the accessories with the v959.

  5. Mumi Avatar

    Again… great mods :0)

    Just to be sure… if i have the A7105 AND the nRF24L01… the modules will share some pins ?
    Sck, mosi, ground and vdd ?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, some pins will be shared.

  6. ClintonRH Avatar

    Thanks for writing this. The pictures of the pinouts made it a lot easier. There was a moment of panic when my 7e did not turn on but a bit of poking around with a multimeter determined that my 1. GND and 2. VCC pins on my module were shorted. The through hole pads were clean so I thought I had a bad module. Couldn’t find any excess solder bridging anything. Eventually I found that the solder pads on the edge of the board were bridged together with a tiny trace of stray copper on the edge of the board. Scraped with my probe leads between the two edge solder pads until the gold copper was gone and my short went away. Resoldered my wires that had been removed for probing and it booted right up. Can fly my JXD 388 with my 7e now. Gives me a good reason to get my v222 upgaded v959 put back together as well. Spent a shift at work thinking I’d bricked my new Devo 7e and wouldn’t be able to fly my new 250 fpv racer. Now I just need to do the range mod to make my DSMX receivers better.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Great success story. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your modded radio. :D

      1. Murray Avatar

        sorry to be so dense. Are you saying that you can install both the A7105 and the nRF24L01 in the same Devo 7e?

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Yes, you can install two additional modules into the Devo 7e. On my own Devo 7e, I have both the A7105 and the nRF24L01 module installed. Works great!

  7. zentrad Avatar


    I have just installed the nRF24L01 module in my Devo 7e. The binding worked well…but the controls are really strange. The quad behaves totally erratically.

    Would it be possible that I made a wrong solder ? Or are there adjustments to be done with the radio ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  8. Wolfgang Avatar

    Thanks for all your hard work. Just one thing- the link to the item on the banggod website does not look like your module. It is the NRF24L01 PA LNA. I believe it is the newer version with power assist? Any difference in wiring or configuration or is that already part of your config mods above (I see “PA”)?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I just checked the link in the post. It looks like the same module I used. Pin out will be the same.

      I have a few coming any day now to do another Devo 7e mod. I’ll be sure to mention it if it is different. But from the picture on BangGood, it looks the same to me.

      1. Wolfgang Avatar

        I guess it didn’t look the same to me due to the big yellow block on the left, just above the pins. Just one other thing, if I am connecting to TMS (BTW my brandy new 7E board is not labled TCK and TMS) do I use the left or right solder point?
        Thanx for your quick response BTW.

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          The words TMS and TCK was me labeling those points in the photo. On a Devo 7e board, they are unlabeled.

          If you’re soldering to TMS, make sure in your hardware.ini file…you enable the module on A13.

          i.e. enable-nrf24l01 = A13

          Give the post another read. It explains to use TMS if this is your first module.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      Oh, I see what you mean by my NRF module being different than the one BangGood sells.

      The NFR24L01 module in my post also has the PA circuit. That’s what the smaller IC chip on the top is. With minor difference in where they put capacitors and such…the module in my post and the latest versions BangGood sells has the same pin out. So the guide should still be valid.

      1. Wolfgang Avatar

        OK thanks, but I must be dense. I reread and again that just brought up the question of when you say “If this will be the first addon module you install into your Devo7e, then connect to the TMS location”, which of the two solder points on the tms should I use, since there are two solder points within theTMS box and this is the first ADD-ON module I am connecting?

        1. Wolfgang Avatar

          Oh, wait, TMS is the second connection in the lower, 5 circle box, not the upper, 2 circle box.
          TCK would be the third connection from the left the. Never mind, I’ve got it now thanks.

          1. hacksmod Avatar

            Glad you got it. I think you were over thinking it. You simply need to match the color dots from the NRF24L01 to the corresponding colored dots on the Devo 7e board.

  9. Herve Avatar


    I bought the following module:

    I have updated my Devo 7e with latest Deviation firmware.
    I setup protocol YD-717 / Sky walker to fly my CX-10.
    however the Devo keep showing “binding” and never exit this mode unti I press “ENT”.

    Any suggestion of what could be wrong?

    thanks a lot!


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      That module should work. I assume you got it installed correctly. And edited the hardware.ini file to signify that the NRF24L01 module has been installed?

      FYI, the CX10 has about 3-4 different PCB versions. And they each use different protocol. What color PCB does yours have? I bet the guys on the Deviation forum can help. There’s a good thread on there dedicated to the CX10.

      Here’s the link to it:

  10. MGo Avatar


    So I installed this…ys-V922-p-89812.html following this

    then went to hardware and erased the semicolons and I have this:

    ;Only useful for transmitters with an after-market vibration motor
    ;switch_types: 3×2, 3×1, 2×2
    ; there is no need to enable the cyrf6936 module unless
    ; it is wired to an alternate port. It is Enabled automatically otherwise
    ; enable-cyrf6936 = B12
    has_pa-cyrf6936 = 0
    ; enable-a7105 = A13
    ; has_pa-a7105 = 1
    ; enable-cc2500 = A14
    ; has_pa-cc2500 = 1
    enable-nrf24l01 = A13 has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1
    ; enable-multimod = A13
    I turn on the transmitter and get modules missing: NRF24101 at start up :)

    I have rechecked all the wiring, everything is connected like in the pictures from the link. So I have no idea what is going on. Hope you can guide me to discover the problem or if this something that happens often and there is a fix.

    thank you

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Looks like you made the two line into one when you erased the semi colon.

  11. […] l’ajout du NRF24l01, je me suis base sur ce guide. Malheureusement, on ne peut pas tester si la modification a fonctionné sans drone […]

  12. Torch Avatar

    Hi i have done all the steps and i just get a warning that says ”Bad/Missing protocol modules” did i get a bad module from banggood?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Usually it’s due to a misstep or bad wiring. Do post a picture on RCGroups Devo 7e thread. One of us should be able to square you away.

  13. huge Avatar

    i bought this module,
    Have not installed it yet, but will it work? I think that this module has no pa, so do i need to remove ; on the has_pa_… line?


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You are correct. That module does not have PA.

      So leave the semicolon in front of that line to to let the Devo know that the non PA version of the NRF24L01 module was installed.

  14. Andrew Storrs Avatar

    Bought a devo 7e, installed the NRF24L01 module and it binds and flies but the JJRC X1 just spins anti-clockwise unless I put 70%+ right yaw on it. Removed and reinstalled the module but the problem continues. Same thing with my MJX X600. Any suggestions?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Did you make sure to calibrate the Devo 7e sticks?

  15. Robert Avatar

    Hello and good day from Germany! My name is Robert and please excuse my English is not very good! I have the module NRF2401 insalliert in my DEVO 7e. In the tx ini I can also see the module and I also A13 and 1 input with notepad and saved. I have here: the ini for my HFP 100 V2 loaded and inserted in Modele. I can but the heli not bind 7e with the DEVO! Can you please help me?
    Thanks and greetings from Germany!

  16. Bob Avatar

    Maybee it help someone with same issue, i think i broke my devo 7e with this mod. But not. I tryed 2 transmitters and my h8mini drones not be able to pair.

    Today i was again reasemble controller, with multimeter i check all conections and when i give it together i experimenting with setup. Finaly i found, when i set power output to 30mW it finaly pairs with my h8 mini drone,

    I have exatly same setup, “Deviation 5.”
    in config
    enable-nrf24l01 = A13
    has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1

    In devo 7e i setup:
    Tx power: 30mW (100mW or 150mW not work with h8 mini, propably because PA (power amplifier dont handle this values well))
    protocol: Byang
    model type: Multi
    Fixed ID: None

    And finaly it works :) Hell yea. I hope it help those of you with same issue.

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