Blade Nano CP X “Logo XXtreme” Paper Canopy Orange/White/Black

Alternate color scheme…orange/white/black

See the original post here: Blade Nano CP X “Logo XXtreme” Paper Canopy


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4 responses to “Blade Nano CP X “Logo XXtreme” Paper Canopy Orange/White/Black”

  1. FyreSG Avatar

    Hi Daryoon,

    I happened to stumble upon your awesome paper canopy in an Orange scheme, and I believe it would look great on my WLtoys V977! Could I request for a custom version? :)

    1. Without the labels
    2. Slightly larger, say, +2%

    Thank you and hope to see you soon!

  2. FyreSG Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the paper canopy at RCG! I scaled it larger to 110% and it works great! I made a video and I’d like to put a link to your template. I’m sure people would like to make one for themselves. If possible, could you revise it to 110% (based on the one for V977 at RCG), then host it either here or at that thread?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Thanks for sharing FyreSG.

      I have a new way of making these canopies that I like. Allows for very clean joints. And printed on transparency.

      Staples said they print using their color Laser for just under $2 for each transparency sheet. I may export that option once I run out of my transparency stock.

      Right now, I use an inkjet printer. Mirror the graphics and print. Then spray paint the sheet white. That’s the backing color.

      Then I use my cutting machine to cut the design.

      Then I take some regular tape and put on the outside. Quickly cut tabs. And then join the two together. Because it’s precision cut via the cutter, the curve and joint comes together perfectly.

      Using tape on the outside allow me to keep the joint perfect.

      And this is my latest technique. I use Goop and a disposable brush. Like the ones Woodworkers use to spread glue. I think it’s call an acid brush? Anyways, I use that to spread the Goop at the seams.

      Goop is elastic and sticks really well once cure. Just don’t use it inside the house. Let dry outside somewhere…because of the fumes. I think Goop was originally made to fix shoes. Therefore, it’s elastic and tough!

      I put some extra at the nose area. From the inside of course.

      Once it’s all dry…you remove the outside tape. Now, the Goop creates someone of a skeleton and holds the seam very nice and tight. And the whole canopy has a great, professional look.

      And the overall weight low too!

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