WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e

For those who attempted the Devo 7e range mod and did not succeed. You can purchase one of the upgrade module made for the Devo 8 and 12 to get your Devo 7e up and running again. With full range. :)

BangGood still carries it for < $15.

Here’s a picture of it installed. I removed the original and installed it in it’s place.


(updated 2014-10-22):
For those who needs a visual guide on how to wire up the WK-DEVO-S-MOD Upgrade Module…





51 responses to “WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e”

  1. Johnboy Avatar

    Hi, I’ve been looking for info on how to change the 7e module. Any chance of a article with step my step guide. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who have not successfully done the diode mod. Thanks for some great articles.

    1. Bert Avatar

      How does the nrf board without PA perform? Ok for small range i.e. v922?

      1. hacksmod Avatar

        It should be ok for small range. But I feel more safe with a powered module. :)

    2. mark Avatar

      it is just about step by step. remove the old module by desoldering the the solder points. i pried mine off with a flat head screw driver and heating bottom left first then each of the following pins, be careful on the last one i almost ripped up the track it was on, the key is being gentle lifting, same as taking the shield off i suppose just more solder points. and then just connect the colour dots and and solder the module to ground poins

      1. mark Avatar

        and as it says put double sided tape under module

  2. Bert Avatar

    Ok :) But nrf board in the picture is one withouth PA? No?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I see where the confusion is now.

      The picture I posted in this Devo module replacement post also has a non PA module installed.

      That is what the user sent me to install as a favor.

      So I don’t have any extensive experience with it myself. My testing after installing the module flew the HiSky heli further than I was comfortable with.

      I told the owner to do his own range testing. :)

      1. Bert Avatar

        Ok I see! Thank you :)

  3. Lucas Avatar

    Hello thanks for this guide, I would like to modify aswell my devo 7E WITHTHE 8S module.
    Where did you find this nice antenna to put in?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I used two items that is pretty inexpensive.

      A 15cm U.FL/IPX to RP-SMA extension ~$1.50

      And the standard 2.4GHz RP-SMA antenna ~$3

      I didn’t write a guide but I did showcase how it looks in this post here: http://www.hacksmods.com/2014/10/devo-7e-swivel-antenna-mod/

      I cut the original Devo 7e stub plastic antenna. Chuck it to a drill to spin it as I used sandpaper to taper the end to size.

  4. Peter Avatar

    Hello there,

    Do we still need to use the deviation firmware to make the 7e full range, or is this module sufficient with the stock firmware?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You need to load Deviation firmware. Because there is a hardware.ini that you need to edit to tell the firmware that the Range mod was done.

      1. Jack Avatar

        Hi, I have seen a lot of posts on forums that instruct to connect pin 5 from the SMOD module to pin 3 on the Devo 7e and pin 4 from the SMOD module to pin 4 on the Devo 7e. Is this wrong? Is there any reason to do it any differently to how you have explained it here such as adding diiferent modules as well as the SMOD module?

        1. Jack Avatar

          Does anyone have any experience doing it either way?

          1. hacksmod Avatar

            The way I have it above is how I did it. Recently did another one and it works great.

  5. Gregory Avatar


    Can you tell what I have to edit in hardware.ini file when I made this mod?
    Thank you

  6. Alex Avatar

    Is there other CS/SS and MOSI pads i can solder the module to as mine have come off the board?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I worked on a radio with the same issue. There are pads on the opposite side that you can solder to. But to get to it, you gotta remove the LCD. The pads actually come back up through the vias that runs to the ARM chip you see to the left of the pads. Sorry, I didn’t map it.

  7. zusto Avatar

    I did diod staff to increase range, updated ini file as suggested, and range has reduced to app 10 m, should I move to s mode or, can I do something with cyrf, like remove diod and bridg like that.


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Maybe the power amp has been fried? I just read that someone got the same outcome here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1611471&page=180#post32002828

  8. Steve Avatar

    Hi all

    I have just done this mod. I have quadruple checked my connections and also ensured I haven’t bridged anything.

    When I turn on my Tx I am getting a low voltage warning regardless of whether or not I have fresh batteries or not. The level always shows as 2.98v.

    Also I am getting less than 10m distance with my receiver. I haven’t checked another as I only have the one.

    It seems I have done something wrong?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Link to a picture. Something is obviously wrong somewhere. Hopefully a second pair of eyes can help.

      1. Steve Avatar

        Coo, thanks.

        Here’s my thread on RCGroups.com with photos:


        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Unsure… Your wiring looks good to me. I posted to see if anybody else have an idea that may help.


          1. Steve Avatar

            Awesome, thanks.

          2. Steve Avatar

            I see what you wrote about the pad maybe lifting on the underside. I did spend an awful lot of time applying heat and trying to get the top left solder blob to come off. I wonder if something has come unstuck (or fried!) on the other side.

            I’ll take it apart and have a look.

            Thanks again!

          3. Steve Avatar

            …also last night I discovered another issue. Once the Devo is switched on, it won’t switch OFF with the switch. I actually have to pull the power lead from the PCB.

            I de-soldered the new module from the Devo and that fixed the power switch problem, but potentially not the battery level problem.

            The upshot is that the Devo lets me know that there isn’t a module installed, so at least that works ;-)

          4. hacksmod Avatar

            I think you got the answer on the Devo 7e thread via RCGroups right?

  9. thearne3 Avatar

    I think I’m f@cked. I removed the old tx and at least two tabs came up with it: blue and orange. Shall I just chuck it and find another Devo 7e? Looking on the other side of the board, the LCD is soldered over the contact points.

    Without a way to connect ANY module, the unit is toast – or am I wrong???

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      The pad lifts if the iron was too hot.

      The pad has vias, which goes to the other size. But your have to remove the LCD in order to access it.

      The vias actually comes right back up to the traces on just to the left of the pads. Which goes directly into the MCU chip.

      I have successfully revived a Devo7e someone sent that was in the same condition as yours. It does require good soldering skills.

      I saw my local hobby shop carrying the Devo7e for $49.

      Anyways, short of it is…it can be fixed. Please go to the discussion thread on Devo7e on the RCGroups forum. I forget if a picture was posted before of where the pads goes. I do recall the topic coming up in the past, with someone else losing the solder pad as well.

    2. Beriph Avatar

      Someone traced the Blue but I haven’t seen the Orange one.


  10. Beriph Avatar

    While attempting to install this module, I lifted the Yellow and Orange pads. I noticed that there was a tiny dot of the trace left, so I soldered directly to the little spot. My transmitter recognizes the module and I can bind successfully, but my range is pretty pitiful. In range-test mode (100uw), I get approximately 6 inches of range.

    Could the hack soldering job cause this sort of range problem? Or is something else to blame?

  11. Marius Avatar

    Hi, I’m gonna do the range mod now, I’m gonna use this module what do I have to write in the hardware.ini to activate it?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Find the line in your hardware.ini
      has_pa-cyrf6936 = 0

      and change the 0 to 1 to enable the ability to change power levels.

  12. Martin Avatar

    Hi there,
    I messed up the range mod of my devo 7e yesterday. I can bind stuff, but my range is less than 3 meters now..

    I now want to solder another module inside, but I cant find one to buy anywhere. Do you know where I can get one of those or similar? I dont need telemetry, so if there are modules without it I wouldnd care.

    best regards,

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Darn, they are getting hard to find. I only know of Bang Good that had it. But they may be out of stock now. Did you do a Goggle search?

      1. Martin Avatar

        I did. I only found one site but with shipping costs it is about 40 bucks, 2/3 of a new devo 7e and this is just not worth it. Modules for hisky, frysky and so an are easy to find. Why dont they produce walkera ones?
        well I guess Ill have to get another solution. Thanks for your help!

        1. Goodwrench Avatar

          I’m having the same trouble. Did you ever find a replacement module?

    1. Martin Avatar

      I have found this site, but with shipping I would have to spend nearly 40 bucks, and thats simply not worth it.

      Does anyone know if you could install a spectrum module too?

    2. RMD Avatar

      Hello Brian,
      Did you ever receive the module?

  13. Brian Avatar

    you have to pay attention at the shipping methodes, you can choose different shipping methods with different prices from $3.83 up to $110. hope it helps you

  14. Sal Coraccio Avatar

    Greetings, anyone have a lead on where to buy the WK-DEVO-S-MOD module. Seems to be made of unobtanium at the moment (Walkera, eBay, Amazon, Banggood…) – many thanks.

  15. M.Z. Beg Avatar

    Hi, I want to instsll this module,I have read all the discussion I could find on the internet, but one thng is not clear to me is the PINS under the board. Your photos are very confusing to me. Do I solder wires to the underside of the board or on top. If wires are soldered underside and then stuck with the double tape, at 12 mm proud, would the case fit. would the case fit then.
    On the other hand if wires are soldered on top then do I have to cut PINS under the board ?
    I would appreciate it very much if you please clear it for me. Thank you.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You remove the old module and I would cut the pins off the new module.

      Then simply solder wires according to the color. From the new module to the matching color for on the Devo7e.

  16. Raul Avatar

    Hi I tried the range mod without testing the radio binding and now it does not bind to dsmx receiver, there is any way to find out if the problem is in the radio chip?

  17. lahiru Avatar

    hello!! Deviation wiki says you need to connect ground pin & restet pin.pin 5 and 9.in your photos it’s 8 and 10.

  18. Martin Avatar

    I finally managed to get my hands on a module and soldered into my demo 7e. Sadly I didn’t realize that I had to buy an antenna as well, so I have to wait another Month or so to test it outside. But for now, It seems working as I am able to bind and get several meters of range without antenna.

    The only thing I haven’t figured out is hot to place the module inside the transmitter correctly. I cut of the pins, but it still can’t put the transmitter back side on again. Am I supposed to remove the black plastic too (the one on the backside of the module). I tried but wasn’t able to get it off without using mayor force.
    The other possible solution is to use longer wires and just place it higher in the transmitter. Any ideas?

    Anyways, thanks for your help and with this great tutorial,

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, longer wire is fine. many folks do it that way. And simply stick the heatshrink module in the cavity at the top.

  19. Akhmal Avatar

    after install the module what should I do?

  20. Lukekellyfpv Avatar

    Hi there i have performed this mod after lifting a pad during the diode removal mod. I am not able to bind to my quads now, is there any way to test if the unit is working correctly? I also added a 5db antenna with the rpsma adapter and pigtail.

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