Official SunnySky x2204s 2300kv versus BangGood’s

I purchase some nicely priced SunnySky x2204s 2300kv from BangGood for < $16. However, I believe they are fakes.

Here’s a photo comparison against the x2204s purchased from SunnySky’s official US distributor: SunnySky x2204s CW version

I see that the one from BuddyRC uses thicker motor wires. And are generally neater wound versus the one from BangGood. The BangGood one has a thicker bell cross section, so you can’t see the magnets like you could with the original from BuddyRC. It also seem to use more glue to keep the magnets in place. I am not sure if this is in response to reports of magnets coming loose…especially those who are running these motors on 4s lipo.


The BuddyRC motor has a slight sheen to it. With crisp lines and a reflective, copper/light gold logo. While the BangGood motor has the SunnySky logo in a matte white, with a slightly different font. The motor bell is painted a more matte black. And the line noted in the picture below wasn’t as refine.


I also noticed that the BangGood motor has a shorter threaded motor shaft. This is interesting because SunnySky x2204s motors are known to already have a slightly shorter shaft than comparable motors. i.e. Cobra 2204.


At the bottom of the motors, the BangGood version has very obvious concentric rings.


Another obvious change between the motors is the use of a metal washer in the BangGood motor. Compared to the plastic one.


Another top view of the motor windings, looking into the stator/magnets.


And the same thing from the bottom of the motor.



In either case…my own opinion is the older SunnySky has a more premium look to them than the one from BangGood. On that merit alone, I would consider some of the other competing 2204 2300kv motors at the moment to ensure you don’t get a fake. Or purchase from official retailer such as

*update June 29, 2015: I got a SunnySky x2204s 2300kv from ReadyMade RC and it looks more like my first edition. With the only updated change being the CW or CCW label on the bell, since SunnySky now produce reverse threaded prop shafts. So this gives me more reason to think the ones sold by BangGood are copies rather than the real deal. I have yet to use my BangGood version of the SS2204s. 



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12 responses to “Official SunnySky x2204s 2300kv versus BangGood’s”

  1. daich Avatar

    Your shaft length comparison is invalid. In the photo you have, the base of the banggood version is below the base buddyrc one. so of course the tips will not align. it’s just more obvious it at the tip.
    Looks about the same length to me.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Thanks for your comment. That’s one reason I like to take as clear a picture as possible so you guys can make your own observation.

      I have both motor sitting on the same surface if you see from some of the other photos.

      You are right that the base at the foot of the thread is lower on the BG version. However, the entire threaded shaft is still shorter than the old one.

      When you put the prop on, the original SS may catch one thread of the nylon part of the locknut. The one from BG doesn’t.

      I’ve learn that there’s another listing on BG for CW and CCW Sunny Sky 2204. Some people purchase those and they were a match to my original Sunny Sky motor.

      Once Fyathyrio finishes his finals. I can go play on his motor test stand and see if the performance is the same, less or better. :D

  2. Sevet Avatar

    When did you purchase those from BuddyRC?

    I purchased from BuddyRC a few month ago and got what looks like the ones you got from Banggood (the big red wires missing are the big clue :) )

    The difference is that the ones from BuddyRC had “BuddyRC” engraved on them. so it seems like a newer version,

    On a thrust test on one page there are the two version (although the wires don’t show), and the new version seems more efficient.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Ah, good to know. Thanks for sharing. :)

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      I think I got mine almost a year ago.

  3. Inquartata Avatar

    So, was there ever a comparison made in thrust between the banggood and the BuddyRC Sunnysky’s?

    Because I have ordered from Banggood and the CCW motors look like the BuddyRC ones while the CW motors look like the Banggood ones above, minus the most obvious differences. Kinda like they are improved fakes…

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Unfortunately, that’s still on the list of todo. I am curious too…

  4. arekm Avatar

    Any idea why buddyrc motors have different font than official photos from sunnysky web page?

    Official font doesn’t have empty gaps inside letters.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Some of the photos on the official website has not been updated. Some people who purchased official SunnySky motors from the source said that the fonts are updated like the ones I received from BangGood.

      There are a bunch of 2204 2300kv motors to choose from now. Good luck selecting. Good times.

  5. David Avatar


    There is 2 versions of thèses motors ?

    1 – normal version

    2 – CW and CCW version ?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes. In the beginning, there was Normal. So the screw thread was CW.

      Nowadays, the SunnySky comes in CW and CCW. And it’s labeled on the bell. i.e. KV:2300CW

  6. Bjorn Avatar

    The ones I got from Banggood in March 2015, Looks exactly like the first one (buddy rc).
    Except for the Red wirecloth

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