HiSky HCP100S BLHeli Brushless ESC

Pivotal moment for those of us who loves the opensource BLHeli brushless firmware from Steffen. HiSky’s new HCP100S double brushless micro CP helicopter comes with BLHeli firmware already flashed onboard. Not only that, the programming pads are big and accessible.

BLHeli toolstick connection points…

Main ESC was flashed with BLHeli 12.1. Governor modes are disabled. But Programming by TX is left enabled. Therefore, you should be able to use your transmitter sticks to enable/disable some of the features. Read the BLHeli manual under section for Beeps – Entering programming mode. The manual can be founded in the /manual folder after you download and unzip the BLHeli Suite software

(Another good read… DoubleCH explaination of governor modes)

The best method for updating BLHeli settings and flashing new firmware is by using a SilLabs based flashing stick in combination with the BLHeliSuite software you see below:


Here’s the pinout for that flashing stick from BangGood listed above.

Tail ESC was flashed with BLHeli version 10.4


And for you HCP100, v922, FBL100 and even mCPX owners. Here’s how it can look like if you repurpose the HCP100S dual brushless ESC for your heli…




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8 responses to “HiSky HCP100S BLHeli Brushless ESC”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Nice manual
    1S Operation possible too?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I don’t have the answer for that. But am curious as well. :) Report back if you try it.

      1. sinisa Avatar

        This site saved my day, my tail ESC stoped working, tested every component ppm, motor, every fet, all working but tail dead.
        Then I reflashed tail esc, and helicopter is alive again, somehow silF330 erased his firmware by itself.

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Glad that info helps and you were able to fixed the issue yourself. :) It’s weird how these thing can lose it’s settings. I have seen it on other quads and such. I guess a hard hit can confuse the electronics.

        2. Quintin Avatar

          My tail did the same thing and was wondering how much you would charge to re-flash my esc board. I have not gotten into that part of the hobby yet.

          Thank you

          1. hacksmod Avatar

            Where do you live? I always help the local guys in San Diego out for free. But I don’t do shipping. Since I don’t know what will happen in transit. Or generally too scared of the crazy hobbyist out there on the internet. :D

  2. Cyril Avatar

    How do you supply the RX by this esc in 2S lipo, please?
    Already thank you for this tutorial, Cyril.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      The RX connects to the positive and negative pads labeled “battery voltage” on the HCP100S. I guess their RX board is 2s tolerant.

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