Nano QX Paper Canopy

Thanks to Darsh, the original creator of this 3D model. I created a few color variation of the Nano QX paper canopy.

More info and original content in this RC Groups thread by Darsh.





Each of the photo below links to the PDF file you can download and print. Good luck and have fun.

White and Red Nano QX Paper craft canopy

Blacks and Yellow Nano QX Paper craft canopy

Red Nano QX Paper craft canopy

Yellow and Blue Nano QX Paper Craft Canopy






5 responses to “Nano QX Paper Canopy”

  1. […]  The guys over at HacknMods have also created a paper canopy to even cut down on the weight some […]

  2. David Wang Avatar

    Great way to cut down on the weight, and cheap too! I just added it to my review as an upgradeable part!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Cool. Thanks. Good review write up.

  3. Sean Avatar

    Will these work with the QX 3D?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I am not sure the size of the QX 3D. Is it like the original QX canopy? Perhaps you can resize it up?

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