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  • ZMR-X Custom ZMR Build

    ZMR-X Custom ZMR Build

    As FPV racing matures, new rules and classes are put into place. One of the rule is the “250” size racing quads need to stick with 5″ props. To breath new life into those of use who has the popular H-style ZMR250 frame, I came had an epiphany and learn that you can configure it […]

  • ZMR 250 Lite Build

    ZMR 250 Lite Build

         Alternate configuration with the battery plate. Allows more space to hide things.

  • Soma’s WarpQuad

    Soma’s WarpQuad

    Just gonna share photos of the acro quad I am building. Thanks to Soma for coming up with the WarpQuad. Looks the best out of all the acrobatic quads out there. Here’s the center frames. It sandwiches the 4mm carbon fiber legs.   I switched out some of the hardware. Such as the aluminum washer […]