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  • WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e

    WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e

    For those who attempted the Devo 7e range mod and did not succeed. You can purchase one of the upgrade module made for the Devo 8 and 12 to get your Devo 7e up and running again. With full range. :) BangGood still carries it for < $15. Here’s a picture of it installed. I […]

  • Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod

    Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod

    I just added a swivel antenna to the Devo 7e’s stock antenna tube. I cut and tapered the stock tube. Then used a coax to extend the connector, so I can mount at the new location. The ability to adjust the position of the antenna will optimize the RF radiation pattern. Ensuring you have a […]

  • Transmitter Mount Points

    Transmitter Mount Points

    As technology progresses and we RC hobbyist find the need to mount additional things to our transmitter, the need for adjustable mount points arises. Of course, if these transmitter manufacturer were current with the time, we would have more elegant solutions in place. Instead, follow along for a solution if you don’t like every hobbyist […]

  • nRF24L01 Devo7e Pinout

    nRF24L01 Devo7e Pinout

    I am going to hack another module into the Devo7e running the DeviationX firmware. This nRF24L01 module will allows me to run WLToys new protocol, HiSky and a host of others. It has the PowerAmp circuit for longest range. See this protocols spreadsheet for more info. Here’s the schematic: And here is how I wire […]

  • Walkera Devo 7e Transmitter Increase Range Mod

    Walkera Devo 7e Transmitter Increase Range Mod

    The Walkera Devo 7e is a good compact transmitter. Install the Deviation firmware, and you have an unbeatable transmitter that supports many protocols. The one wishlist item that owners have is that the TX can be use for longer range flying. Fortunately, the gurus hacking on the Devo 7e found that by shorting a single […]

  • Walkera Devo 7e Transmitter DeviationX FlySky/Hubsan Mod

    Walkera Devo 7e Transmitter DeviationX FlySky/Hubsan Mod

    Yes! Just received my Walkera Devo 7e from BangGood. I was surprise to see it arrive in only 14 days all the way from China. I have been wanting to try DeviationX out for a long time. With the release of DeviationX 3.0 and support for WLtoys v929, v949 and v959 triggerable accessories, not to […]