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The Solo Pro is a 4 channel, fixed pitch (FP) micro sized helicopter made by Nine Eagles. The same helicopter is also re-branded by Revell as the Proto Max. It’s small size and light weight makes it fun to fly indoors because there’s not enough mass to damage furniture and appliances during crashes.

A few facts about this helicopter that may be confusing to first time owners:

  • There are two generation of Solo Pro: Solo Pro I and II are the first generation. Solo Pro V1 and V2 are the second generation.
  • The second generation Solo Pro has V1 or V2 imprinted on it’s canopy. The second generation have a number of changes.
    Among the changes are:
  1. An updated rotor head and swatch to mixer linkage.
  2. The landing skid battery wire now terminates to a connector instead of being soldered directly into the receiver board. This enables easier replacement of broken landing skids.
  3. The battery tray is keyed to prevent incorrect insertion of the 1c LiPo battery.
  4. Lastly, Solo Pro V1 and V2 also has a newer revision of the 5 in 1 receiver board with different programmed servo mixing characteristics.
  • Prior to 2010, there were an older version of the Solo Pro denoted by I or II instead of V1 or V2 on the canopy. The Solo Pro’s with V1 and V2  printed on it’s canopy are the newer generation. Online parts retailers may mark parts as (2010 or “newer”) to denote that it’s the latest generation. Most of the parts on the Solo Pro I/II, Solo Pro V1/V2 and their cousin the Revell Proto Max parts are interchangeable.
  • There are basically two color of Solo Pro. The Solo Pro V1 and Solo Pro I are a red paint scheme with black skids, blades and tail rotors. The Solo Pro V2 and Solo Pro II are a yellow paint scheme with white glow in the dark skids, blades and tail rotors. Thus, the V1/I and V2/II does not stand for “version 1” or “version 2” but rather denotes whether the paint scheme will be red or yellow.
  • In certain markets, Nine Eagles introduced the Solo Pro Soar that has also has a blue paint scheme version with black skids, blades and tail rotors. Some online retailers sell replacement Soars body and tail assembly.

There is a great thread compiled by a forum member who goes by the handle of SoloProFan that contain the collective answers to frequently asked questions about the Solo Pro and is definitely worth a read.

RC Groups thread: Nine Eagles Solo Pro/Bravo SX FAQ


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    i like the solo pro canopy very scale like

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    hi i like your article re v911 battery tray adapter, i preume you have used an old battery plastic terminal for the first part am i correct? your idia is something i am looking for re my v911.
    please can you reply on e mail johnbtaylor123@bt internet .com

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