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  • My 1S Charging Station

    My 1S Charging Station

    Just wanted to share my new 1S LiPo charging station. I took a 1s Micro parallel charging paraboard from Hobby KingĀ and mod it to become a serial charging board. I think this paraboard would be cheaper and easier to mod. Plus, it does not have the LED that drains the first lipo cell if you […]

  • WL Toys V911 Charger Mod

    WL Toys V911 Charger Mod

    Ever want to use the popular Eflite/Parkzone style batteries with your v911? Here’s a mod that uses the Hobby King mini extension plugs (Only $0.52 using BuddyCode) and fit it nicely into the V911 charger to enable you to charge both types of batteries. Simply cut the dividing bars. Easily done with an xacto knife. […]