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  • Turnigy 9x Antenna Mod

    Turnigy 9x Antenna Mod

    I was asked how I solved the problem with the antenna wire on the Turnigy 9x to allow for the rear module to be removed. The easy way would to buy the original FlySky TH9x module, which comes with the antenna properly mounted on the rear module. However, if you’re handy with a soldering iron […]

  • Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM

    Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM

    Here’s a X1TXN (AMTX10?) DSM2 module taken from a HP6DSM transmitter. It was easy to install into the Turnigy 9x running the latest er9x firmware. Just three wires, a diode and resistor. It works great!!! Here’s some photos for your reference. Here’s the relevant pinout according to this post: 1 GND Module Ground 2 VDD […]