Xieda 9958 with Solo Pro Head

Many people like the unique head design of the Nine Eagles Solo Pro and Bravo SX. With the flybar on top, it gives it a unique, stable flight characteristic…yet maintain agility and does nice tight turns. So here’s a simple mod. Take the Solo Pro head and shaft. Drill a hole for the shaft collar and then cut about 7-8mm from the top. Drill a hole to secure the Solo Pro head. Easy peasy.

My initial impression is that it flies really well. I need to do a more thorough flight test as it’s too late to do that at the moment. I just wanted to share since this question has popped up to see if this is even possible. I’ll update this post with more of my thoughts and refinements and photo later. Until then, enjoy…



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  1. Greg Hackney Avatar
    Greg Hackney


    Could you explain more about this “Drill a hole to secure the Solo Pro head”?

    Photos would be super appreciated.  I want to do this mod as I’m not happy with the tbe/sliding flight style of the stock 9958 head.

    1. Jon Kunkel Avatar

      Check back later as I think he might be updating this page when he gets time.

    2.  Avatar

      Hope you guys saw the drilling template post. Also, Jim Stoll from stollstuff.com has been working on a cnc aluminum drilling jig that will allow you to make the three modded main shaft. Great guy and as a hobbyist, he’s keeping his price low. The mCPX crowd already know his name. Soon, the 9958 pilots will too.

  2. Yoni_k10 Avatar


    1.  Avatar

      Yes, you use the original 9958 gear.

  3.  Avatar

    I am just getting back to this mod. Been modding the Turnigy 9x for friends.

    Yes, use the original 9958 gear.

    The easiest way to do the mod is simply take the entire Solo Pro main shaft and insert into the 9958 until the collar sits above the bearing. Then take your 9958 gear and insert it till it rest against the lower bearing. Secure the gear with the screw. You may have to drill a hole first if the screw doesn’t want to go in.

    Now, any left over shaft sticking below the gear needs to be trim away. Pretty easy to do with a hacksaw or even a file.

    You’ll need to use the upper swash plate hub from the Solo Pro too. The Solo Pro style head really need the long swash ball for authority.

    Let me know how it goes. I had a friend fly this 9958-NE hybrid and give his impression, and he now want his own version.

    With the release of the v911 Solo Pro clone, you have cheap “Solo Pro” parts to source from. So whether you still want to do this mod or not, is up to you. You can easily buy parts to put together your own v911 as an alternate to this mod.

    Thanks for the interest. It helps me prioritize on what guide to write up next. :)

    1. Oleg Didenko Avatar
      Oleg Didenko

      Hello hacksmods,

      I’m very interested to improve my 9958 and get rid of the TBE. So I want to perform the mod you described. Could you please tell if you use the Solo Pro’s blades, balance bar, the connectors and also the swash plate – basically, everything connected to the shaft, except for the gear? Right? Just don’t want to spend extra money on the parts – they’re not so cheap here in Ukraine. =)

      Thank you very much for your prompt answer!

      BR, Oleg

      1.  Avatar

        Yes, you have it correct. Everything except for the gear.

        However, take a look at the WL Toys V911 heli. It’s a clone of the Trex100s and Solo Pro. Might be the better way to go if the parts are expensive in the Ukraine. :)

    2. MassiveOverkill Avatar

      Daryoon, very nice, but how has this affected outdoor flight?  Thanks.

      1.  Avatar

        It limits fast forward flight into the wind compared to the 9958 stock head. But it is nice and agile indoors. Nice mod back when the v911 did not exist. Now that it does, it might warrant purchasing the attractive v911 package instead. :)

        You should see the 9958 head I got on the v911. ;) Lots of stuff in the X-Lab…so I like to call my work bench. (inside joke. LOL)

  4. Dare4171 Avatar

    how do you get the main gear off? seems like its on pretty solid. i dont want to force it and snap it in 2..?

    1.  Avatar

      You remove the screw and simply keep the main shaft from turning as you twist and pull off the main gear.

      One way I do it is take a drill bit or something that I can insert into a open hole along the main shaft. That gives you a point to hold and keep the main shaft tight. Preventing it from twisting as you twist and pull the main gear off. Kindda like twisting the cap of a beer bottle. :)

      1. Dare4171 Avatar

         tyvm for the info…not only was i able to do the mod i have also done further mods..i used the top and lower swash and control arms from the solo pro cut the anti rotation bracket from the 9958 and ca glued it to the canopy rod…tbe is gone but it is a bit less forgiving in the wind..i have also done a battery mod..i use a hyperion 180mah 25c 1s cut about 1″x3/4″ of the clear plastic that comes in the battery package ca glue it to the bottom of the original battery holder this lets you use stock battery as well. put 1/4″ srip of velcro tape from front to back on center of plastic and battery line up the tape and cg should be dead on total wght of battery is 6 grams as stock is 4.8 heli with 180 mah is 32.8 grams im getting about 2 to 3 min more flight time…thanks have fun..

        1. Dare4171 Avatar

           forgot to say that the 180mah battery was not the factory finished one..that will probably work too. you can get the unfinished one and build it up under the 6 grams that i made.

        2.  Avatar

          Cool. Thanks for the feedback and additional ideas. :) I am trying to understand what you did to the anti rotation guides. You said you cut it off, but I don’t know why you glued it to the canopy rods. Anyway we can get a photo?


          1. Dare4171 Avatar

            lol..ya there was probly a better way to do the anti rotation bracket but i didnt have the slo pro bracket at the time..but becouse i used the solo pro swash plate it had that offset pin…idk..maybe im missing somthing….i have done more mods and i will try to post some pics but atm i dont have a good camera…lol..for the money i have put into this lil bird i should have just got a solo pro, but it sure has been fun working on it.i think my tail motor i going out she been going into a spin after about 2 min of flying. lol time to order more parts..

          2.  Avatar

            You should use the lower half of the 9958 swashplate. That way, you don’t have to find a way to offset the swashpin guides.

            It sounds like you made extra work for yourself. ;)

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