WL Toys v911 Settings for er9x

Here’s my v911 EEPE file that you can upload to your transmitter running the er9x firmware. It’s a good aid so you can learn and program your own. For instance, I tied the “dual rate” to the knobs. To allow for fine tuning of your rates.

Therefore, for full 100% rate, make sure your AUX.1 knob and AUX.2 knob is turn to the max 100% position.

AUX.1 knob controls the rates for rudder

AUX.2 knob controls the rates for elevator and aileron cyclic

The F.MODE switch at ID0 has a linear throttle curve. In the other modes, ID1 or ID2, it has a more aggressive throttle curve and a more sensitive expo settings: -20 for elevator and aileron.

Download the EEPE file by clicking on the button below. Obviously, this will only work with your Turnigy 9x, FlySky TH9x radio that has already been flashed to the er9x firmware. Use the EEPE program to write this v911 model template to your transmitter.

[button_download url=https://app.box.com/s/5f220f67251ed8c3f85e bottom_text=”Daryoon’s v911 EEPE”]Download[/button_download]






38 responses to “WL Toys v911 Settings for er9x”

  1. Dudu Avatar

    Is there a chance that this template work for a Sr120 because I’m looking for a template for my ne Sr120 and my freshly modded th9x.

    1. hacksmods Avatar

      No, the channel assignments are different. And Blade likes to use the gear switch to switch between beginner and advance mode. I’ll have to upload the EEPE for the 120SR  for you. Stay tune.

    2. PCBA factory Avatar

      Is there a chance that this template work for a Sr120 because I’m looking for a template for my ne Sr120 and my freshly modded th9x.

  2. Marco Avatar

    Hi there, i just want to thank you for sharing this template. I really love it. Cheers!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You’re welcome. :)

  3. Jared Avatar

    Thanks for the eepe file for the V911 it has helped quite a bit.
    I ordered a V911 from China and now two months later it finally arrived. Only problem is the transmitter is mode 1.
    I had planned on using my 9x with this heli, but I didn’t mean for it to be used so quickly. Oh well, it seems to work with the settings file you provided.
    So, thanks again!!!!

  4. TomTheGeek Avatar

    Thanks, this helped a ton!

  5. daklein Avatar

    Thanks very much for posting. Very awesome to plug it in an have all set up with nice features. Thanks!

  6. Solmer Avatar

    Hi, thanks for sharing this great setup !!! I wonder if I can use it on my open9x firmware or if could be imported in some way….

    Thanks in advance.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You’re welcome. I tested and it doesn’t with open9x. No promises, but I’ll take a look at the open9x firmware.

      1. Ed Avatar

        Hé Daryoon, did you have a look at porting to open9x yet?
        I can open the file with Companion9X but there are no mixes. Maybe easiest is to install EEPE, start it next to Companion9X and type-over the settings. Guess I will try this soon.
        Thanks, Ed

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          I did take a look but will have to sit down to make sure the port over is faithful. Thinking of flashing my own radio so I gain more familiarity of the open9x firmware.

          1. Solmer Avatar

            Hi Guys !,

            I’ve opened the file with companion9x (simulating open9x firm) and eepe (simulating er9x) and looking at the mix section I’ve notices nothing changes but the 3rd line of the CH3 section.


            (+125%)Thr Switch(ID0) Curve(Curve 1)
            R (+125%)Thr Switch(!ID0) Curve(Curve 2)
            R (-100%)HALF Switch(THR)


            (+125%)Thr Switch(ID0) Curve(Curve 1)
            R (+125%)Thr Switch(!ID0) Curve(Curve 2)
            R (-100%)MAX Switch(THR)

            Flashing my radio with er9x everything works. Whit open9x only works Throttle and if you adjust the Pot you can move the servos… but not working.

            I’ve tried to change the MAX value for HALF but It’s not possible…companion9x doesnt have the HALF value…

            Any ideas?.

            Thanks in advance. :)

  7. Solmer Avatar

    Hi again !!!!

    Done :)

    I’ve modified the setup and now WORKS !!! (Radio Firmw. Open9x latest, software for editing companion9x, latest) (I don’t remember what I’ve changed) I’ve tested it without flying the little bird and now the V911 moves all the servos. I need to test it on the field, if everything works ok I’ll post the file tomorrow……

    BTW : Can I post the V911 file here? How? If it it’s not possible I’ll leave a link for the file.

    1. solmer Avatar

      Hi, I’ve the templeta file published in my blog. I’ve not tested it in the filed due high winds so be careful with it…



      1. Solmer Avatar

        Template Updated

        Check it out my blog…. rcmodshole.wordpress.com

        or download from my Box.com


        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Thank you for sharing.

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  9. Mike Avatar

    Thanks so much for this file!
    It’s made my v911 fly SO much better, especially outside.

    2 Quick Qs: I’d love to incorporate Solmer2’s idea of slightly increasing throttle to compensate for lost rpms when in FFF. I’d also like to turn off the rudder hold requirement on Tx startup, but keep the throttle hold reminder.
    I tried opening up the file in Epee to make the changes myself, but I can’t identify the proper settings and don’t want to mess anything up, since your calibrations work so well!
    Can you guide me on how to make those 2 changes via Epee?
    Thanks again!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Hi. I don’t understand what you mean by rudder hold requirement. Is there a rudder hold?

  10. Stuart Avatar

    Just like to say thanks, been following your posts over at RC forums for the V922 mines on its way, but mean while I tired your v911 file. Tried a lot of stuff with the V911 but this has transformed it. So much so I’ve managed to break a landing skid :-) I have a v912 as well do you think this will work on that bird too? Guess easiest way is to give it a go :-) thanks again

  11. chris Avatar

    I tried to manually set up the v911 in er9x and failed multiple times. Your eeprom made it happen man! Crank both knobs up and look out its a pissed off humming bird. cant even track it it fast! Super fun now. original transmitter is now a part of a ardunio robot. LOL. thats all it’s good for. THANK YOU.

  12. Gerhardp Avatar

    I realize it has been over 2 years since you worked on this, and you might not be inclined to revisit this subject.

    I do have some questions, if you are willing to discuss it – mostly concerning the F.Mode 2 position switch.

    Let me know, drop me a line.

    Thanks Gerhard

  13. Zac Avatar

    Any chance you could update the links? I can’t get the box.net file to download. Thanks!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Box.net used to be better about allowing ppl to download without requiring one to log in. I did try the link and it seems to still work for me. Once I logged in.

      Try this one I just uploaded to Hacksmods server: http://www.hacksmods.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/daryoon_v911.zip

      Good luck and have fun with your v911.

      1. Zac Avatar

        Thank you!!!

  14. Scott Avatar

    Hi. If I do this will my v922 still bind afterwords with module?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Unsure what you mean. With the Turnigy 9x and er9x firmware. I can fly the v911 with the stock module. And the v922 with the HT8 module. No issue there. Just swap between the modules and select the correct model memory. And you should be good.

  15. Scott Avatar

    Hi. Let me ask this also. I have a v911 v912 v913 v922 and v977. I’m wanting a transmitter that will bind with all of them. Is that possible? I have turnigy 9x and ht8 module. If I do as explained above it should bind with v911 v912 v913. It bins with v922 with ht8 module but will it still bind with v922 if I do above steps to bind with v911? And will it bind with v977?
    Thank you so much for info

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      The Devo radio with the opensource Deviation and some inexpensive modules will bind to many protocols out there.

      It’s more difficult for the Turnigy 9x. You generally have to use a external module like the HT8 for each of the protocol you plan on talking to.

      v911 for instance uses FlySky protocol. And the Turnigy 9x module is FlySky. So no problem there.

      v922 for instance uses HiSky protocol. So you need to use the HT8 module.

      I forget which protocol the v977 uses. I believe it’s one the Turnigy 9x can’t use.

      v912 and v913 is FlySky too correct?

      1. John L Avatar

        Hi Hackmods!
        Got some good informations here.
        Have some problem with er9x an wltoys v977, cant really get it to work.
        Is there a template for this, do you have one or some info about it?

        1. joe Avatar

          Do you have settings I can use for v977 or v950 .. i have a turnigy 9xr pro with irangex and cant get it to work

          1. hacksmod Avatar

            I don’t have a model available for you. But that combo should work once you get the model set up properly.

        2. hacksmod Avatar

          Sorry, I don’t have one. :(

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